The Datapreneur

The Datapreneur – Ordinary People. Extraordinary Results.

The digital age, demands every organisation to be ‘data centric’ in order to survive, let alone succeed and dominate.

To be data centric, is to be person centric.

For this to happen, an organisation must realise the vital connection between the business strategy, the business model, the underlying business processes and data strategy that connects all the dots.

What winning companies need is not an army of technically skilled ‘drones’ but enthusiastic ‘value creators’.  They need high value data strategists.

We call these people “datapreneurs” because, as the name suggests, they are entrepreneurial data strategists. Datapreneurs don’t just work with data. They create value with data. They strategize with data. They display leadership and initiative. They define and redefine their own roles as necessary like any other entrepreneur. They look for ways to unlock new value with data through increased revenue, improved compliance, and greater efficiency.

Datapreneurs are uniquely positioned, by way of their 21st century skillsets, to create value by leveraging data to make smarter business decisions. This makes them next-level business strategists.

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